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Brief Biog

Born in Lancashire, I lived for a number of years in the Lake District where I ran a bookshop. In a mad moment I also tried my hand at the ‘good life’, kept sheep and hens, various orphaned cats and dogs, built drystone walls, planted a small wood and even learned how to make jam. I then gave up my thermals to build a house in an olive grove in Spain, where we produce our own olive oil and sit in the sun on the rare occasions I’m not writing. But I still like to spend the rainy summers in the UK. I’ve published over 45 novels including many bestselling family sagas and historical novels.

Early Days

Praise for Freda Lightfoot

‘A stirring tale of a woman with an iron purpose’ The Keswick Reminder on The Favourite Child

(a top 20 in the Sunday Times hardback bestseller list)

‘An inspiring novel’ - Daily Telegraph on Ruby McBride

‘paints a vivid picture of life on the fells during the war. Enhanced by fine historical
detail and strong characterisation it is an endearing story...’
Westmorland Gazette
on Luckpenny Land

‘an informative and lively read’ West Briton on The Bobbin Girls

An enthralling wartime page-turner… In this compelling tale of romance and heartbreak set during WWII, she vividly recreates the atmosphere of the wartime years. on For All Our Tomorrows.

‘She piles horror on horror - rape, torture, sexual humiliation, incest, suicide - but she keeps you reading!’ Jay Dixon on House of Angels.

‘You can’t put a price on Freda Lightfoot’s stories from Manchester’s 1950s Champion Street Market. They bubble with enough life and colour to brighten up the dreariest day and they have characters you can easily take to your heart.’  The Northern Echo

‘Kitty Little is a charming novel encompassing the provincial theatre of the early 20th century, the horrors of warfare and timeless affairs of the heart.’ The West Briton

‘This is a book I couldn’t put down . . .  a great read!’ South Wales Evening Post on The Girl From Poorhouse Lane

‘a fascinating, richly detailed setting with a dramatic plot brimming with enough scandal, passion, and danger for a Jackie Collins’ novel.’ Booklist on Hostage Queen

I was born in Oswaldtwistle, a small mill town surrounded by beautiful countryside in North-East Lancashire. It was famous for James Hargreaves and his spinning jenny.

My mother was a weaver before she married, as was her mother before her. They could lip-read and would mee-maw silently to each other as they had learned to do in the weaving shed above the clatter of the looms. Most of my family have been weavers for generations on both sides of the Pennines.

Here’s a pair of Lancashire clogs worn by my grandmother when she was a small child.

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My father was a shoe retailer and repairer and I was brought up behind the shop. I still remember my first pair of clogs which he made for me. They were green leather with a picture of Mickey Mouse picked out in brass nails on the wooden soles. I remember once, when I was in the infants, not being allowed to dance around the maypole because I'd forgotten to bring my plimsoles and the teacher wouldn't let me dance in my clogs.

I’ve drawn heavily on memories of these childhood days in Lancashire to write my family sagas. I’ve used family members, and their own struggles against all the odds, to try to recapture a way of life now gone.

These are a pair of clogs worn by my grandmother when she was a small child.