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‘I was engaged with the story from page one. She piles horror on horror – rape, torture, sexual humiliation, incest, suicide - but she keeps you reading!’

Historical Novels Review Nov 2009 on House of Angels

 ‘Great characters, an interesting storyline and well-written, with intelligent vocabulary and twists and turns… wonderful in every aspect…highly recommended

The Bookbag on House of Angels.

The three Angel sisters live in a large Victorian mansion in the English Lake District.  Josiah Angel, their bully of a father, looks upon his daughters as pawns to expand his empire.

Empty-headed, spoiled Ella is married off to a non-conformist farmer with three children in need of a mother.  Amos Todd proves to be a cold, unfeeling man irrationally obsessed with cleanliness, who sees sex as wicked and women as Jezebels.  But the beauty of Kentmere gradually seeps into her heart.  Can she make a life for herself in the dale?  

Livia is the eldest and most spirited of the three, and feels she must protect her more timid sisters.  She longs to be a modern woman and work in the family store, but Josiah forbids that, but she can’t help falling in love with Jack Flint, a man untroubled by rules and convention who has already caused her father problems by inciting riots among his tenants.  

The youngest daughter, practical, sensible Maggie is expected to keep house for her father with no hope of marriage, although she longs for escape even more than her sisters.

Mercy Simpson lives in the stews of Fellside in Kendal with her mother Florrie, a linsey hand loom weaver in the last throes of consumption.  With her mother’s dying breath she learns that her father is none other than Josiah Angel, owner of the town’s fine department store.  Florrie urges her daughter to seek employment there.  But when Mercy presents herself before him, she learns how very ruthless Josiah Angel can be.