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Pinterest This book has everything a good family saga should have, including illicit affairs, decadent gamblers, incest... it's packed with sub-plots and themes to keep you guessing and gasping throughout - Freda knows how to fill the pages and it's a delight to read.


Georgia Briscoe is in love with British sailor Ellis Cowper but unwillingly betrothed to businessman Drew Kemp. He has the charm to dazzle everyone around him, but once the couple are married, it transpires that Drew’s charm is only skin-deep. He is mired in the San Francisco underworld, with a penchant for gambling and other women, including Georgia’s

maid Maura and her jealous sister Prudence. Georgia plans to escape to be with the man she loves but Drew has other ideas. And then comes the earthquake…

LONDON, 1948

When Chrissie Kemp travels to the Lake District to visit her grandmother Georgia, she is not prepared for the shocking revelation that is about to throw her family into turmoil. As a last act of vengeance on her death bed, Prudence makes an astonishing claim. As the truth unfurls, the passion, emotion and astounding love that blossomed in San Francisco forty years earlier is revealed, and three generations of one family are tested to their limits.